The Future Sounds Like This.

For the past 10 years, Positive Grid has been pushing the boundaries of guitar and music technology, software, hardware and sound.See how the guitar revolution began.

Let’s jam.


The multi-effects guitar processor that goes with you anywhere, JamUp – the world’s first mobile jam app – officially hits the scene.

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Going big.

Positive Grid is born

A small team with a big vision. Positive Grid is officially established, bringing together musicians and engineers ready to shape the future of guitar. Learn more.

Getting amped.


Say hello to BIAS Amp, a revolutionary plug-in and software for utterly realistic guitar amplifier emulation.

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The new rig.

BIAS FXTHE all-in-one guitar powerhouse

Amps, effects, pedals – it’s all here. BIAS FX launches, giving guitarists the tools they need to dream up any tone imaginable.

Make it louder.

BIAS HEAD & RACKCrushing the stage with 600 Watts

BIAS Head & Rack brings all of our legendary tone customization to hardware, ready for stages and studios everywhere.

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More power.
More real.

BIAS FX 2leading the new era of tone

Re-engineered with a higher resolution DSP engine, BIAS FX 2 delivers hyper realistic guitar effects processing to make jamming & recording even more inspired.

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Lighting a fire.

SPARKThe smart guitar revolution

Plug in and play more – with a community of 200,000+ players, the Spark smart amp & app reignites a global passion for guitar.

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BIAS FX 2tonecloud


The future of guitar is positive, and we’re just getting started.

Together, we’re shaping the next generation of guitar technology. Get ready to plug into all-new gear and smart guitar experiences. (Check back here for all the updates)

Ignite Sessions

Power your obsession.

We've teamed up with celebrated guitarists to bring you a series of inspiring sessions that will get you playing smarter and more creatively than ever before.


Spark Pearl Returns

We heard you.

Back for our 10th Anniversary celebration, bring the dazzling Spark Pearl home and plug into this gorgeously styled and distinctive model.


...and more

coming soon.

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Be #FuturePositive.

See how the community is using Spark and BIAS to shape the next 10 years of guitar. Then show us how you play!

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Danilo Vicari

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