Q: Hey Billy! So tell us a bit about yourself – where are you from, and what motivated you to pick up a guitar?


A: I’m from a small town in the Texas panhandle, Sunray to be exact. I enjoy chicken fried steak, long sits on the beach and Positive Grid. I grew up watching my Dad play and sing gospel songs at Bible studies in our house and at the end he’d whip out some Willie Nelson and Jimi Hendrix. My Dad is my inspiration (all around), but he definitely inspired me to start playing the guitar and singing. The first time I heard Voodoo Child (Slight Return) I knew what I wanted to do with my life.  


Q: What got you in to songwriting? Nashville is amazing, but it’s a tough town for a lot of players to really break through the noise. How’d you go about getting heard?


A: I have written songs since I had my little brown Fisher Price recorder on the back of my toy hog (or some may call it a plastic 3 wheeler that you wheeled with your legs). I still have recordings that my Mom (who is also an inspiration to me) saved. I fell in love with records but didn’t know a lot of my favorite tunes were not written by the band, but songwriters who sweat out songs in the magical land the Hobbits like to call Nashville. Some of the greats are now my friends and it’s amazing to be learning from the best in the biz: Rivers Rutherford, Rodney Clawson, Jeffrey Steele, Jon Nite Chris Wallin and Anthony Smith just to name a few.


Q: What made you consider trying the BIAS Head, and what’s your favorite feature/why did you choose to stick with it?


A: I saw commercial and heard people talking about how good these were, so I had to try it for myself. I won’t mention any other digital amp companies, but I bought others and took them straight back. I hate when an amp sounds digital. Positive Grid has hit the nail on the head when it comes to sound and accessibility. I can pack my BIAS head in my carry on! Now that rocks. I don’t have to lug my amps around anymore! Positive Grid BIAS Head is the best digital amp on the market! Some of the biggest guitar players in country music today have been trying mine out and once they plug in/experience it they instantly switch to the dark side!


Q: Do you use any other Positive Grid products? If so, which ones and why’d you choose those?


A: I use BIAS AMP and BIAS FX when I’m rocking pro tools. I love, love, love the Tone match feature! You can match anything your noggin can dream! The Dumble setting is used on everything! I chose these plugins because I had to see if for myself. I was sold!


Q: Now, here’s a question we all have our own answer for: What’s your favorite guitar? Do you have an excalibur!?


A: I actually love the guitar that Jay Mathis (my old youth pastor from back home) built me. He put together this pine guitar for me that weighs nothing and sounds as if Muhammad Ali hit you in the ear hole when you start a strumming. As far as acoustics, I’m in love with my Collings D41. Rest in peace Bill Collings. I put him in the category of Michelangelo and Picasso, his guitars are works of art and he will be sorely missed.  


Q: Any final notes or things you want people to know?


A: I hope everyone gives some Positive Grid products a try! You won’t regret it! God bless you guys and thanks for the interview! I hope everyone who is reading this is having an amazing day!

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  • Head: BIAS Head
  • Cabinet: Orange 2×12 and Risen 1×12
  • Guitar(s): Electric: Jay Mathis Custom Guitars, Acoustic: Collings D41
  • Pedals: BIAS Distortion, Jim Dunlop Crybaby Wah, Boss TU-3, Keeley Compressor, Creation Audio labs MK 4:23 and Grizzly Bass, Nobels ODR-1, Strymon Timeline
  • Cables: Monster Cable
  • Picks: Jim Dunlop USA NYLON .73mm (Grey)
  • Strings: Jim Dunlop (10, 13, 17, 28, 38, 48)
  • Slide: Jim Dunlop
  • Capo: G7th
  • Power supply: Truetone 1 SPOT
  • Vocal Mic: Neumann KMS 105