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Acey Slade is the lead singer and guitarist of the band Acey Slade & the Dark Party and former bassist in Joan Jett and the Blackhearts. Previous to this he was the lead vocalist and guitarist in the punk rock band Trashlight Vision which broke up September 12, 2007. Slade is perhaps best known as the former guitarist in the horros punk and glam metal act the Murderdolls He was also the touring rhythm guitarist for The Misfits. He lives in Brooklyn, New York.

Prior to Murderdolls and Wednesday 13, Slade played bass, and later guitar, in the band Dope alongside guitarist Tripp Eisen who was also part of the Murderdolls. After Eisen left Dope, Slade was moved to guitar for the album Life. He later left Dope to join the Murderdolls, again replacing Eisen on guitar. Before joining the Murderdolls (alongside his Dope work), Slade also fronted a band known as the Vampire Love Dolls. After Murderdolls were put on hiatus in 2004 Slade filled in on guitar for punk/metal crossover band Amen for a tour of Japan.

Slade played rhythm guitar on the track "Tired 'N Lonely" on Roadrunner United for Roadrunner Records 25-year anniversary. He collaborated on the song with Joey Jordison who also played in the Murderdolls with Slade. After the break-up of Trashlight Vision Slade filled in as guitarist for Wednesday 13 on his 2008 tour as well as taking time to produce records by His Mighty Robot (which remains unreleased) and Billy Liar.

Slade was also used as the motion-capture model for the Punk Singer and Rock Guitarist characters on the video game Rock Band 2.

Slade is currently touring and promoting his new band Acey Slade & the Dark Party, whose début album The Dark Party was released in 2010, and is also playing bass with Joan Jett & the Blackhearts and filling in on bass for the occasional tour date with former band Dope. Slade performed second guitar for the various Original Misfits reunion sets.


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