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BIAS AMP 2 Mobile


The Ultimate Virtual Amp Designer – now at your fingertips.

BIAS AMP 2 Mobile lets you virtually create the tone and feel of real tube amplifiers on the go. With the same intuitive user interface and DSP engine as the desktop version, you can now easily mix and match components to create your dream amp anytime, anywhere. Access thousands of custom amps on our ToneCloud® from artists and recording studios, or upload your own custom tones and share with the community.

Take your ultimate guitar tone with you on the road - from the studio to the big stage and back again. It’s all within your hands.


Optimized for iOS devices, you can now get amazing tone and authentic tube sound and feel anywhere. Instantly access your favorite custom amps or build your own signature tones with all-new tubes, transformer, dynamic tone control and a revamped speaker cabinet module. With a few simple touches you can dial in the tone of your dreams, right on the spot.


With a similar design philosophy across our entire ecosystem, BIAS AMP 2 Mobile seamlessly integrates with BIAS FX Mobile and our BIAS family of desktop software. Expand your arsenal and take your music to new heights by importing your custom amplifiers into BIAS FX, where you can mix and match pedals and rack effects to build your own signature virtual pedalboard.

BIAS AMP 2 Mobile
BIAS FX Mobile


Take full control over your BIAS Head, BIAS Rack, or BIAS MINI wirelessly via Bluetooth and import your own custom amplifiers and tone presets. The gorgeous user interface in BIAS AMP 2 Mobile lets you tweak and and hear any changes you make to the onboard presets in real-time, making sure you never miss a beat.


We’re thrilled to partner up with Celestion for BIAS AMP 2, the company behind the legendary speakers heard on countless classic songs throughout the history of rock and roll. Now you can take those classic tones with you anywhere with BIAS AMP 2 Mobile, by utilizing our amazing custom multi-mic Celestion speaker cabs!


BIAS AMP 2 introduces two new custom amp packs to your arsenal. For gooey clean to mid-gain tones, the Blues Pack has you covered. Looking for amps and speakers for bass guitars? Bass Pack is the way to go. With the deep level of customization available at your fingertips, you have a massive tonal palette to work with. It just doesn’t get any better than this!


The new set of built-in reverbs in BIAS AMP 2 adds a whole new dimension to your sound. Quickly dial in one of the nine available reverbs, which range from huge halls to intimate rooms. It’s not just a simple two-knob reverb either - you have full control over decay time, mix, low and high cut filters, damping and dwell.


Download and Share Custom Tones

The Positive Grid ToneCloud® is more than just a simple storage tank for your own custom amps - it’s an online community where musicians from all over the world can share and discuss tones. There are thousands of custom amps on the ToneCloud®, uploaded by artists, recording studios and guitarists just like you. Download artists' signature amps, or try out the latest and most popular matched amps created by your fellow guitarists.


The Ultimate Virtual Amp Designer at your fingertips

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