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Amp Match

Create amazing realistic guitar tones

AMP Match module allows you to create amp models by simply matching any mic’d reference amp or matching a tone by importing an audio file. You can download thousands of Amp Match presets inside BIAS Amp’s ToneCloud® online community created by professional artists and users.


Amp Design and Modeler

Design and customize your dream amp tone

BIAS AMP gives you the power to create new sounds by designing your own dream amplifier, letting you swap out tubes, customize preamps, power amps, transformers, tone stacks, multi-mic capability and open/closed back cabinet, all via a powerful and intuitive interface.


Celestion Cabs

Official licensed premium cabinets

We teamed up with Celestion to offer their world-renowned, best-selling speakers in our Celestion Classic and Celestion Vintage Modern packs, allowing you to toggle between speaker models in different sized cabinets (1x12, 2x12, 4x12) while swapping out microphone models and placements. Forget loading individual IR files - just select a custom Celestion cab, start moving the mics around and BIAS AMP 2 does the rest.

Expansion Packs

Expand your tonal capabilities with specialized preamp, tone stack and power amp


Sparkling classic clean

Glassy Pack delivers iconic clean tones design with the specialized Glassy preamp, power amp and three cabinet models (1x12 C-12K, 2x12 Vibro, 4x10 P10Q). From jazz to experimental, pop to rock and even progressive/experimental metal, the Glassy Pack is perfect for the pro-level player looking achieve both classic and modern clean sounds.



Swirl American country and blues

Blues Pack includes our custom designed preamp, power amp and six cabinet models (1x12 Blues Lux, 1x12 Hot Rod, 1x12 Vibro Lux, 1x12 Solo Star, 2x12 British 900, 2x12 Hiway Fane), perfect for experienced players looking to dial in pro-level clean to mid-gain tones. Emulate the most iconic blues and country tones with ease, or dial in the perfect happy medium to suit your specific playing style.


British invasion

Crunch Pack offers crunch preamp and power amp, as well as three new cabinet models (2x12 Orange, 2x12 Chrome, 4x12 1956A). Perfect for players looking to recreate the classic, crunchy tones that helped shape the sound of rock and roll, or blaze their own trail with something all their own.


Modern rock and metal

Insane Pack is ideal for players looking to expand their modern, articulate high gain amp arsenal with the addition insane preamp, power amp, and three cabinet models (4x12 Thrasher, 4x12 Legend, 4x12 ENG). This pack is designed for the modern player looking to recreate their favorite modern rock, metal, progressive and djent tones with pinpoint accuracy.



Refined bottom end

Bass Pack delivers even more huge - but refined - bottom end that’ll speak to even the most discerning of players. Comes with the bass preamp, power amp, plus six new cabinet models (1x18 Big Bass, 2x10 Bass GK CX, 2x10 Bass Superb Duo, 2x12 Bass GK Neo, 6x10, Bass Superb Six, 8x10 Bass Superb Eight). Gain access to your favorite classic bass sounds - from funk to blues, rock to metal - or build your own from the ground up.

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