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The BIAS Ecosystem

Amp Match – Amp Design – ToneCloud

A creative environment where musicians can explore, share and download thousands of amplifiers. The BIAS Ecosystem is literally endless tone possibilities to capture any amp tone in the world or design unique custom amps from the ground up and take them out to the studio or on tour, loaded on multiple platforms: heads, racks, desktop and mobile devices, seamlessly and beautifully integrated.

Desigining your dream amp component by component is a breeze with BIAS Amp, and it’s even easier to take it out on tour loaded on BIAS Head or BIAS Rack. And when it’s time to record or practice in the comfort of your home or hotel room, your custom amps are still at your fingertip in your notebook and iPad.


BIAS Amplifiers are all about no compromise, your tone is your very own character and you can decide how to create it and use it. BIAS Heads and Racks comes ready to rock as standalone amps, you do not need a computer or apps to take it on stage from day one, but with them you can further customize your tones to the smallest detail and component.

Choose between 600 Watts of solid state power or the unpowered Processor versions to use with your power amp of choice. A convenient cabinet emulator switch right on the front panel, gives you full control wether you are playing through a cabinet or directly through the P.A. or DAW.


AMP MATCH is a proprietary technology of BIAS Amp software that lets you capture and match any real-world amplifier tone. Easily transfer your amp-match presets to your devices (BIAS Head, BIAS Rack and BIAS Amp iPad) and take them with you. Anytime, anywhere, you can have an arsenal of modern, vintange or boutique amps ready to rock at your fingertip.


A massive cloud-based repository with thousands of custom amp presets where you can preview, share and download all your favorite tones. Conveniently accessible in the BIAS Amp software (standalone and plug-in), the ToneCloud is your instant portal to amplifier’s heaven.

Scroll through a vast array of amp-presets conveniently categorized, easy to try and download, from jazz to metal, blues to rock and pop, you’ll never be short of new tones because ToneCloud is supported by an ever-growing community of power users.

What does BIAS mean to you?

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