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BIAS MINI | Dan Weller of SikTh - Masterclass

BIAS MINI: Tiny amp, huge tone.

While the BIAS MINI speaks volumes to weekend giggers, or independent artists looking to minimize and scale unmanageable rigs - it also appeals to world renowned pro-level touring players/producers like Dan Weller. We spent the afternoon with Dan, guitarist of UK based progressive metal legends SikTh, at his London masterclass to find out more about why he chose Positive Grid, and more specifically, why he loves the BIAS MINI, Head and BIAS AMP 2 so much.

It plays JUST like a real amp…The beauty of it is you’ve got access to fiddle with it and fine tune it”

Dan has always been a stickler for tone. With SikThs musical stylings helping pave the path for the now-massive progressive metal movement - in addition to Dans tendency to write using unique, multi string chord voicings - he NEEDS clarity and articulation above all.

“Like any traditional amp, the point of this isn’t to give you some whacky gadget. It’s supposed to be there, like a traditional amp. One thing I notice playing it is - having played lots of different emulated or matched guitar amps - that when you try to play multi-string voiced stuff (like I do), you’ll often find they feel quite scooped or a bit waspy, you don’t get much clarity between all the different strings. For me every time I play Positive Grid - whether it’s in a computer or whether it’s this (BIAS MINI) - you get that separation in the strings. It’s crucial.”



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