Ronny Gutierrez of Soilwork with BIAS Rack

The Algorithm with BIAS FX

Greg Mackintosh on BIAS FX

Billy Dawson demos BIAS Head

Can the BIAS Head do country?! You're darn right it can. We sat down with Billy Dawson to find out how he uses his BIAS Head to get some killer tones inside the studio and on stage!  Billy is a Nashville based singer/songwriter, entertainer, author and motivational speaker. The Nashville Independent Music Awards recently presented [...]

Sascha Gerstner / Michael Weikath

Neil Zaza

Charles Hedger of Mayhem on BIAS FX

We recently sat down with Charles Hedger of the infamous Norwegian black metal band The True Mayhem and found out how he uses BIAS FX both in the studio and on the road. .

Hundred Suns’ Chris LeMasters on BIAS FX & BT4 pedal

Chris LeMasters of Hundred Suns​ plays their single "Fractional" using BIAS FX for iPad and our BT4 Bluetooth MIDI pedal. .

Scott Middleton (Cancer Bats) on BIAS Amp & BIAS FX

Scott from Cancer Bats talks about tone and how he uses both BIAS Amp and BIAS FX in the studio. .

Overview with Tony from The Word Alive

Here's Tony from The Word Alive​ sharing an overview of our recently released BIAS Pedal Delay for mobile and desktop. .