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Fozzy brings BIAS Rack on Tour

“Your amp is your dance partner and this partner has a lot of shoes with different moves and steps…and she’s sexy” - Rich Ward   Hailing from Atlanta, Georgia, Fozzy has taken their riff-heavy, groove ladened rock and roll to stages around the world. When the name of the game is giving the audience the [...]

Positive Grid Presents – Nashville Showcase feat. Billy Dawson and Kurt Ozan

There are as many guitar tones there as flavours of ice-cream. From bright cleans to the highest gain, our flagship BIAS Head is able to satisfy even the most discerning taste and you can now witness it live in our upcoming Nashville Showcase! Be sure to mark June 27th on your calendar because we'll be [...]

BIAS Head featured on SikTh’s new album

Considered to be one of the forefathers of the progressive metal/djent movement, UK based SikTh is known for their unique sound that heavily influenced modern metal. 2017 sees the release of SikTh's third studio album "The Future in Whose Eyes?" that features all the power and tone of the the almighty BIAS Head. From the riff ladened "Century of [...]

The wait is over: Reason 9.5 now supports Positive Grid plugins

Following it's initial release in 2000, Propellerhead’s Reason was one of the first recording programs to focus on electronic music production and has now become one of the most popular DAW’s found in hundreds of studios around the world. After 17 long years, users are now able to incorporate third party VST's with Reason recently [...]

Kris Norris demos BIAS Distortion Pedal

"The distortion sounds awesome and big, this actually has a really warm, analog sound" ' When you're playing guitar in heavy bands like The Devils Bastards and Darkest Hour, your guitar tone needs to go above and beyond. That’s one of the many reasons Kris Norris based his rig around the new BIAS Distortion pedal [...]

Guitar Interactive: BIAS Head Review

  "Superb built quality and great sounds... loads of amp to choose from, or you can completely design your own from scratch, and it feels good to play" In this thorough video review courtesy of Tom Quayle from Guitar Interactive Magazine, we get an in-depth look into the true versatility of the monstrous 600W BIAS Head as [...]

Say Anything brings BIAS Head Live

Formed in Los Angeles, California, Say Anything has become one of the most recognizable names in the alt-rock scene, known for their flawless combination of poppy hooks, exciting melodies and engaging live show. Following the release of their latest album I Don't Think It Is, Say Anything brings the powerful BIAS Head on stage as they [...]

Focusrite Plugin Collective May: BIAS Amp LE

Plugins are an essential tool in any modern day audio production and the team at Focusrite knows just how important it is to build that killer rig when using their products. That´s why in this month´s Plug-In Collective, registered Focusrite interface owners are able to get a taste of the full-blown BIAS Amp Professional amp [...]

Positive Grid BIAS Head and Rack Workshops at Guitar Center

Positive Grid and Guitar Center join forces to let you get hands on the  BIAS Head and Rack amplifiers. Explore with us all the features of the world’s first cross-platform guitar amplifier at the in-depth workshops featuring guitar virtuoso Rob Math and Positive Grid product experts. On each session we will hold a Q&A with [...]

Emarosa brings the BIAS Head onstage

  Hailing from Lexington, Kentucky, Emarosa has managed to blend powerful, catchy songwriting with a unique signature style that truly captivates fans. From full fledged post-hardcore to alternative pop rock, Emarosa continues to find the perfect musical balance that keeps listeners coming back for more.   When a band like Emarosa consistently pushes the envelope, [...]