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Rock with us at Musikmesse 2017

It's that time again! Musikmesse, one of the worlds largest international music trade shows is being held April 5th-8th in Frankfurt, Germany and guess who's going to be there!? That's right...Positive Grid We're beyond excited to announce that we'll be displaying our entire product line this year, so don't miss out and be [...]

Go Bias… Go Blues!

Blues simple yet expressive form has become one of the most predominant influences in popular music for years. Now, you can find everything from sparkling cleans to smooth rhythm sounds and warm saturated high gain leads tones in the Fusion Pack by Positive Grid.   Having the right guitar sound is crucial to playin’ the [...] A studio or live engineer’s dream

Future is here Future is here and the guys at describe it on their own words: “BIAS Head sees them take one almighty leap into the physical realm and apply the entirety of their tone-tech prowess in the real world “ Read Review

Guitar World: BIAS Head hardware and software beautifully integrated

Bias Head Review With over 36 years on the market, there’s no way to deny that Guitar World is one of the most respected music magazines around the world. On a deep video review they demonstrate why “BIAS Head is an insane amplifier in a simple box” and how it can recreates any possible amp [...]

Music Radar: BIAS Head. Aimed at pro players and recording enthusiasts

The guys at Music Radar are well know for their accurate music gear reviews of any piece of equipment you could think. That’s why when they say that “With Bias Head there's a practically infinite number of amp models available”… You should believe every single word! Read Review BIAS Head. Endless possibilities to create your own dream amp

From vehicles, up to high tech devices, Germany is known for their innovation, so you should follow the advice of Musik Produktiv magazine on how “BIAS Head combined with the popular BIAS Amp software, gives you almost endless possibilities to create your own dream amp”. Read Review

Infinite Guitar: Bias Head is the future of recording and live gigs

The people at Infinite Guitar are wondering “Who will create such a product that rids gigging musicians and roadies of the back breaking tasks of transporting ultra heavy 4×12 speaker cabinets and amp heads whilst maintaining that true authentic sound only a tube amp can provide? It looks they already have some answers for this. [...]

New BIAS FX Acoustic Expansion Pack

Acoustic guitar players, get ready to add some goodness to your tone! With this expansion, BIAS FX iPad and desktop users will be able to add some of the most sought-after acoustic guitar, with the ability to add them within BIAS FX’s dual signal chain, and integrate them with BIAS Amp models. You can also share, download [...]

New BIAS FX bass expansion pack

Available for BIAS FX iPad and desktop, the Bass Expansion pack gives you a complete suite of insane tones for bass guitar. With this update, you are now able to add some of the most sought-after bass effects and stompboxes in the industry, add them into BIAS FX’s dual signal chain, integrate them with BIAS Amp models, [...]

Positive Grid Launches BIAS Amp Standalone

You asked for it, you got it. BIAS Amp is now available as a standalone application for Mac/PC. Standalone is the easiest way to use BIAS Amp, without the need of a DAW or any other software - just plug your guitar or bass to your interface and... well, that's it! Amp Match - Easier [...]