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Guitar Interactive: BIAS Head Review

  "Superb built quality and great sounds... loads of amp to choose from, or you can completely design your own from scratch, and it feels good to play" In this thorough video review courtesy of Tom Quayle from Guitar Interactive Magazine, we get an in-depth look into the true versatility of the monstrous 600W BIAS Head as [...]

Say Anything brings BIAS Head Live

Formed in Los Angeles, California, Say Anything has become one of the most recognizable names in the alt-rock scene, known for their flawless combination of poppy hooks, exciting melodies and engaging live show. Following the release of their latest album I Don't Think It Is, Say Anything brings the powerful BIAS Head on stage as they [...]

Focusrite Plugin Collective May: BIAS Amp LE

Plugins are an essential tool in any modern day audio production and the team at Focusrite knows just how important it is to build that killer rig when using their products. That´s why in this month´s Plug-In Collective, registered Focusrite interface owners are able to get a taste of the full-blown BIAS Amp Professional amp [...]

Positive Grid BIAS Head and Rack Workshops at Guitar Center

Positive Grid and Guitar Center join forces to let you get hands on the  BIAS Head and Rack amplifiers. Explore with us all the features of the world’s first cross-platform guitar amplifier at the in-depth workshops featuring guitar virtuoso Rob Math and Positive Grid product experts. On each session we will hold a Q&A with [...]

Emarosa brings the BIAS Head onstage

  Hailing from Lexington, Kentucky, Emarosa has managed to blend powerful, catchy songwriting with a unique signature style that truly captivates fans. From full fledged post-hardcore to alternative pop rock, Emarosa continues to find the perfect musical balance that keeps listeners coming back for more.   When a band like Emarosa consistently pushes the envelope, [...]

zZounds Perfect Pairings: Positive Grid BIAS Head Preamp and Distortion Pedal

If you enjoyed the review made by Dan, you should take a look on this zZounds Perfect Pairings video, with a full review of how the Bias Head and Bias Distortion Pedal can perfectly replicate the sound of any amp or pedal you can imagine.   You can read the full article here                

Bias Amps and Effects Review by zZounds

Bias Head, Bias Amp or Bias FX? Which one fits your needs? Even an "old-fashioned guy" like Dan from zZounds realized how useful our Software and Hardware can be, and through this amazing review he deeply explains the best options to get your entire amp collection or a full effects rig  in the studio, on stage or in your rehearsal space.   [...]

X Drummer : Video Review

X Drummer was released this week and quickly became the favorite composing companion for many musicians around the world. Easy to use and fast, X Drummer  is the closest thing you’ll get to having a pro session drummer in your pocket.   It’s SO much more than just a drum app. Thanks to X Drummers [...]

X Drummer : The App Store #1 Application

Pssst! Got a question for ya: what's the best virtual songwriting tool on the market? That's right, you nailed it. Our brand new X Drummer app that - thanks to YOU - just reached the number 1 position in the App Store! We truly believe it's the worlds smartest virtual drummer application and it's quickly [...]

BIAS Modulation and BIAS Delay at Musikmesse 2017

Did you miss Musikmesse 2017? Well, lucky for you the fine folks at  Sound on Sound Magazine have got you covered with a live demonstration of our BIAS Modulation and Delay pedals. BIAS Modulation On this video our resident expert Jimmy Gumina shows off the plethora of features + effects that come stock with BIAS Modulation [...]