Positive Grid BIAS Head and Rack Workshops at Guitar Center

Positive Grid and Guitar Center join forces to let you get hands on the  BIAS Head and Rack amplifiers. Explore with us all the features of the world’s first cross-platform guitar amplifier at the in-depth workshops featuring guitar virtuoso Rob Math and Positive Grid product experts. On each session we will hold a Q&A with [...]

Emarosa brings the BIAS Head onstage

  Hailing from Lexington, Kentucky, Emarosa has managed to blend powerful, catchy songwriting with a unique signature style that truly captivates fans. From full fledged post-hardcore to alternative pop rock, Emarosa continues to find the perfect musical balance that keeps listeners coming back for more.   When a band like Emarosa consistently pushes the envelope, [...]

BIAS Distortion Pedal voted as the “Best Guitar Effect” at MIPA 2017!

Every year at Musikmesse, journalists from around the world choose the best products in the musical instrument and professional audio industry. Over the years, the Musikmesse International Press Award has developed into the ‘Grammy’ of the musical instrument and professional audio sectors.This year, our outstanding BIAS Distortion Pedal was nominated and voted the “Best Guitar Effect” at MIPA [...]

BIAS Modulation Pedal – The World’s First Cross Platform Modulation Pedal

BIAS Modulation Pedal lets you quickly and easily design thousands of custom effects including Chorus, Vibrato, Flanger, Rotary, Phaser, Tremolo, Pan, RingMod and Autoswell pedals from scratch, and it's seamlessly integrated with BIAS Pedal Modulation for mobile and desktop.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0ruDXaupQvY&feature=youtu.be BIAS Modulation works both as a standalone pedal and as part of an integrated desktop [...]

Rock with us at Musikmesse 2017

It's that time again! Musikmesse, one of the worlds largest international music trade shows is being held April 5th-8th in Frankfurt, Germany and guess who's going to be there!? That's right...Positive Grid https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EB6XfwcZwFM We're beyond excited to announce that we'll be displaying our entire product line this year, so don't miss out and be [...]

Go Bias… Go Blues!

Blues simple yet expressive form has become one of the most predominant influences in popular music for years. Now, you can find everything from sparkling cleans to smooth rhythm sounds and warm saturated high gain leads tones in the Fusion Pack by Positive Grid.   Having the right guitar sound is crucial to playin’ the [...]

Musik-produktiv.de: BIAS Head. Endless possibilities to create your own dream amp

From vehicles, up to high tech devices, Germany is known for their innovation, so you should follow the advice of Musik Produktiv magazine on how “BIAS Head combined with the popular BIAS Amp software, gives you almost endless possibilities to create your own dream amp”. Read Review

Ola Englund demos BIAS Head

BIAS Head Metal demonstration. Talking about the features, showing presets and amp matching. To get ahold of the presets used in the video, check out the Positive Grid ToneCloud.

New BIAS FX bass expansion pack

Available for BIAS FX iPad and desktop, the Bass Expansion pack gives you a complete suite of insane tones for bass guitar. With this update, you are now able to add some of the most sought-after bass effects and stompboxes in the industry, add them into BIAS FX’s dual signal chain, integrate them with BIAS Amp models, [...]


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