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Act now and get your hands on BIAS FX, BIAS Pedal, our Pro Series Compressor and EQ, BIAS Bundles, Expansion Packs and more at a fraction of the regular cost! Scoop up some brand new award winning Positive Grid software, or unlock dozens of new pedals and amps by upgrading your existing license.

Oh, and as an added treat, we thought we’d offer a FREE Bass Expansion Pack and a $20 discount on Metal Signature Pack for anyone who purchases BIAS FX Pro! Lastly, we’re offering 50% off on JamUp, JamUp Pro, BIAS FX expansion packs to our mobile app users!

That’s right...These deals won’t be around forever, so dive in!


  • BIAS FX Std

    USD$59.00 USD$99.00

    Limited-time offer

    Bundle includes:

  • BIAS FX Pro

    USD$159.00 USD$199.00

    Limited Offer: Free Bass Expansion Pack + $20 off on Metal Signature Pack with BIAS FX Pro purchase!

    Bundle includes:


  • Pro Series EQ

    USD$49.00 USD$99.00

    Limited-time offer

    Bundle includes:


    Get all of BIAS plugins for Mac/PC with a single click

  • BIAS Guitar Essentials

    USD$369.00 USD$635.00 If bought separately

    Bundle includes:

  • BIAS Guitar Complete

    USD$529.00 USD$932.00 If bought separately

    Bundle includes:

  • BIAS Studio Platinum

    USD$659.00 USD$1,130.00 If bought separately

    Bundle includes:

  • BIAS Pro Combo

    USD$279.00 USD$398.00 If bought separately

    Bundle includes:

  • BIAS FX Expansion Bundle

    USD$199.00 USD$237.00 If bought separately

    Bundle includes:

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