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                                                      KOBRA AND THE LOTUS


Coming from a musical family and inheriting some musical mojo from his father, Ronny grew up exploring many instruments and quickly became well aware of his purpose in life. Relentlessly, he was his own drill sergeant and spent up to 10-12 hours a day meticulously practicing his instrument and studying many different musical styles.

In July 2010, Ronny ranked 1st place in Guitar Center's nationwide Steve Vai contest where Vai himself picked 10 winners to attend a private masterclass with him in Hollywood, California. He also won several other contests both with live performances and online submissions throughout 2010-2011.

In 2012, Ronny was asked by his friends in Black Tide to fill in on bass for several live shows. In August of 2012, Ronny won another one of Guitar Center's contest in which Joe Satriani hand selected the 10 winners to fly out to the same location the Vai Masterclass was at. By December 2012, Ronny was recruited by California thrash band Bonded By Blood to take over guitar duties throughout their early 2013 European tour with death metal giants Vader, and Aborted. Shortly after, they hit the road again on a North American tour, sharing the bill with Soilwork and Jeff Loomis.

Near the end of 2014, aside from joining Black Tide for some more tours around the U.S., Ronny also toured as guitarist for Stephen Marley before finally getting a call from Shaggy's camp with a great opportunity to fill in the guitarist spot and spent most of 2015 touring all over the world with Shaggy.

In early 2016, Ronny was approached by Swedish metal giants Soilwork to fill in for guitarist David Andersson during Fear Factory's Demanufacture 20 year anniversary tour and was asked to join them again for the Fury Tour in the Fall of 2016.

2017 brought forth another opportunity to tour with the mighty Soilwork as part of Kreator's European tour package. After wrapping up that tour, Ronny was recruited by reggae veterans Inner Circle and toured with them up until 2018, which is when he joined Kobra And The Lotus full time.


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