Spark Amp Reviews
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Guitar World
With features such as Smart Jam and Auto Chord, is this the future of desktop amplification?
Nabbing a highly-coveted 5 out of 5 stars, Spark earned high praise from the fine folks over at Guitar World. This Spark amp review takes a deep dive into all of the many features that Spark has to offer, but their final verdict says it all; “It's incredible.”
This tiny desktop guitar amp will inspire you to step out of your musical wheelhouse.
For far too long, apartment dwellers have been subjected to subpar tiny amps to get their guitar fix. However, as WIRED points out in this Spark practice amp review, all of that changed once this powerful amp/app combo hit the market. Earning an 8/10, Spark is here to show just how far bedroom amps have come.
Guitar Player
Has Positive Grid just designed the ultimate amp for the home?
Guitar Player’s Positive Grid Spark amp review praises the sheer amount of playing options available through the app. To quote reviewer Christopher Scapelliti, “the bottom line is that Spark is a great-sounding, feature-packed desktop amp that does a lot of cool stuff extremely well.” We agree, and 4.5 out of 5 stars ain’t so bad either.
The Positive Grid Spark is a versatile smart amp perfect for guitarists stuck at home
While there’s plenty to discuss within Spark’s companion app, TechCrunch’s Spark 40 amp review makes a point to highlight the amp’s offline features. “[Spark provides] a great, highly-customizable but more bare-bones experience if you’d rather leave your phone out of it and just get to playing.”
With a suite of future-forward features and great tones, is the Spark the gamechanger for digital modelling amps?
MusicRadar held nothing back in their Spark guitar amp review. Giving it a perfect 5 out of 5 stars, this review is a deep dive into Spark’s many features. But just how highly do they think of Spark? To put it bluntly, “it might just be the future of digital guitar amplification.”
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