What makes these guitarists tick?
Inspiration, talent, and the right tools for the job.

Musicians around the world rely on Positive Grid tools to create and customize any tone they can dream up. And whether you play shimmering cleans or high-gain shred, we're proud to be part of the journey. #whyBIAS is our chance to shine a spotlight on some of the players that take our music-making tools to the next level.

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James Veck-Gilodi – Deaf Havana


"The growl and distortion you can get is mental...the amount of variation you can create from this thing is amazing.”

James Veck-Gilodi is a founding member and guitarist/vocalist of the Norfolk, UK-based rock band, Deaf Havana. The group has built a loyal fan base after five studio albums and a high-energy live show, and is one the few British bands to achieve a top 10 album in 2018 with their most recent release, Rituals.

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Reece Scruggs – Havok


"What really knocks it out of the park for me, is having a rhythm tone that's really punchy...
and I've been able to come up with some really searing, ripping lead tones."

Born, raised, and residing in Winchester, VA, Reece takes inspiration from his surroundings and upbringing. From outlaw country, bluegrass, rockabilly, Southern rock and blues to stripped-down rock and roll, instrumental shred records, and the many genres of metal, Reece throws it all in his playing for good measure. The undisputed heavyweight champion of the “Shred Club,” this gunslinger is ready to duel. And he doesn’t wear a white hat.

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Aaron Patrick – All That Remains


"It's really portable and sounds have endless possibilities for the sound you're looking for."

Aaron Patrick is one of the most in-demand bass players in the metal scene. After rising to prominence with Bury Your Dead and tenures with Devil Driver, Kingdom Of Sorrow and Lamb Of God, he found a home with All That Remains in time for the release of their 2016 album Madness. 2018 saw Aaron cement his role in the band with the release of Victims Of The New Disease, with extensive touring planned for 2019.

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Joey Bradford – The Used


"Having the high gain like that and such good response and clarity — from a convenient unit — is unreal...
I'm gonna be playing this one for a long time."

Joey Bradford is an American rock musician, best known as lead guitarist of The Used (Hopeless Records) and Hell or Highwater (Spinefarm Records), former lead singer and bassist for Thieves and Liars (Facedown Records), and touring bassist for A Static Lullaby. He has also filled in for notable acts Thrice and Atreyu. Joey relies on the BIAS MINI for all of his on-stage tones.

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