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Like Playing with
a Session Drummer

X Drummer, your best songwriting partner. With a few finger taps, it quickly learns your song. X Drummer intelligently searches through thousands of drum patterns and drum kits and virtually matches your songs. The more you play with X Drummer, the better it gets at learning your preferences.

But this is just the beginning…



Easily create full drum tracks with just a few finger taps or by playing a guitar or other instrument into X Drummer. The magic AI technology quickly finds patterns to match your input. You can further customize your track by changing patterns, BPM, music genre, and much more.

You can go into further pattern customization and change the pattern, BPM, music genre, and much more.

Create Your Drum Track in a Minute

Our super intuitive browser and drum track editor lets you easily search and preview drum grooves matched with your music. With a simple tap of your finger you can easily arrange and edit your drum track in seconds.

Design Your Drum Kit

You can change each and every drum component. X Drummer lets you edit the basic parts of the kit, like the drum head and damping ring. You can go into deeper drum customization by changing the individual instrument options such as pitch, attack and resonance. In addition to designing your drum sound, you can also design the look and feel of your drum kit to make it as unique as your sound.

Thousands of Drum Kits and Patterns on the Cloud

X Drummer gives you instant access to dozens of cloud-based drum kits and drum patterns created by professional drummers, plus thousands more created by X Drummer users, just like you. With a simple finger tap, an infinite cloud-based library of drum kits and patterns will be available to preview and download.

COMING IN Q2, 2017

AI Drum

X Drummer’s AI feature learns your song and creates a backing track for you. It’s just like playing with a session drummer. X Drummer will be your best songwriting partner and will inspire your creativity.

Hundreds of Drum Patterns

Browse the drum pattern collection like you would in an online music store.


You can fine-tune your patterns with Dynamic Preset, Counting Mode and more optitions.


Load dozens of drum kit

Individual Instrument Sound Adjustment

  • Instrument
  • Damping
  • Drum head
  • Resonance, Attack
  • Pitch

Customizes the Look of Your Kit

  • HW Fitting
  • Drum Finish