Turn your iPad and iPhone into a powerhouse Guitar Multi-Effects Processor.

Big Big Sound

JamUp and BIAS transform your iPhone and iPad into the world’s most powerful guitar and bass effect processor.

It’s ready for home practice, live performance and recording, and it sounds freaking awesome.


JamUp turns your iPad and iPhone into a powerhouse Guitar Multi-Effects Processor. It offers over 80 different effects (46 amps, 40 effects), 10,000 ToneCloud presets, Loop Station, iTunes Jam Player, 8-Track Recorder, Tuner and Metronome.


Custom Amp

BIAS is an Amp Designer, Modeler and Processor. It allows you to create insane customization on all aspects of guitar amplifier.

BIAS is seamless integrated with JamUp, you can open any Custom Amp into JamUp Multi-Effects signal chain with one simple tap.


Create, share and download over 10,000 Custom presets and amps. The tone-creation possibilities are now virtually infinite with JamUp and BIAS. Download artist’s presets, or try out the latest and popular user tones, or simply search for that special tone you’ve always wanted.



Home, Live, Studio

Designed with JamUp Plug audio interface and BT-4 Bluetooth MIDI foot controller, it’s the whole rig you need, wherever you go.


Guitar/Bass Multi-Effects Processor for iPad and iPhone.

  • Simultaneous 7 amp & effects
  • ToneCloud, Phrase Sampler, Jam Player, Tuner, Metronome
  • Live-View for stage

JamUp for iPhone and iPad


Insane customization your own guitar amp.

  • 36 premium amp models
  • Custom Preamp, Tone Stack, Power Amp, Transformer & Cab
  • Seamless Integration with JAMUP app

BIAS for iPhone

BIAS for iPad