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Create your dream guitar amplifier.

Advanced Guitar & Bass Amp Modeling Software


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Design and model your dream amp.

BIAS AMP 2 gives you the power to create your dream tone by giving you the tools you need to build your own custom amplifier. Whether you’re a classic rocker, metalhead, or jazz player – and whether you understand how amplifier electronics work or not, you’ll be dialing in killer and exclusive tones in a heartbeat.

Tone Stack

Emulates a specialized type of audio filter to alter the frequency response of the amplifier. They are considered by many to be the most important tonal circuit in amplifiers.


Plays an important role in mid-high gain amplifiers. Your choice of preamp will significantly shape the tonal characteristics of your preamp distortion.

Power Amp

Defines the point at which the power amp will start to break up by shaping the touch and dynamic response.


Controls the transformer and power supply by increasing or decreasing the “sag” of the amp, changing the feeling and characteristics of your tone.


Jump start the amp creation process by referencing your favorite amp or song and loading them directly into BIAS AMP 2 Pro. Simply mic your amp, run the signal into your DAW, and let the AmpMatch feature analyze and authentically recreate it digitally, down to the last detail. You can also match the tone of your favorite song or prerecorded track by importing its audio file into the standalone software.

10,000+ CustomAmplifiers.

Get full access to the over 10,000 custom amplifiers available on ToneCloud created by a global community of musicians, session players, engineers, and producers.

Celestion® Cabs

We’ve partnered with Celestion, the most trusted name in guitar speakers, to bring their legendary sound to all license tiers of BIAS AMP 2 – available in the Celestion Blue and Vintage 30 packs. Toggle between speaker models in different sized cabinets while choosing microphone models and placements.

BIAS AMP 2 Elite also includes the Celestion Classics pack in addition to the Celestion Blue and Vintage 30 packs.

Pair with BIAS FX 2.

Want to hear how your newly created amp sounds with your favorite pedals and HD racks? All the custom amps from BIAS AMP 2 can be loaded into BIAS FX 2 where you can drag, drop, add, and organize your dream signal chain with an intuitive pedalboard UI and the award-winning BIAS tone engine.