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Unlock the true potential of your Spark with the Spark app, packed full of gear, AI-powered smart features, custom settings and more. Take a tour of the free mobile app that powers the award-winning line of Spark smart guitar amplifiers.


All the gear
you’ll ever need.

your setup.

From boutique to modern gear, the Spark app has it all. Powered by the award-winning BIAS Tone Engine , all the amps and effects included in the Spark app have been meticulously modeled and crafted to give you access to the world’s most legendary and sought-after tones. That tone in your head? It’s in here.


Each amp included in the Spark app is engineered with point-to-point detail and tube dynamic simulation to provide the foundation of your tone, delivering rich harmonic structure and responsive dynamics.

Silver 120

Black Duo

AD Clean


ODS 50

Blue Boy

Tweed Bass

AC Boost


Two Stone SP50

American Deluxe



Lux Verb

RB 101

British 30

American High Gain

SLO 100




Insane 6508


Rocker V

BE 101

Pure Acoustic



Flat Acoustic


Sunny 3000


Hammer 500

Mic Preamp 73

Acoustic Preamp

Comp 76

Swap amps. Boost mids.
Lower the gain. Dial it in.

All the amps included in the Spark app feature fully functioning knobs so you can dial in the perfect tone.

  • Instead of rotating the knobs, you can simply swipe up and down to adjust their levels.
  • Double tap on the amp to choose which one you want to plug into.


Using advanced circuit simulation and computational audio technology, every effect pedal in the Spark app is fine-tuned to sound and feel nearly identical to their real-life counterpart.

LA Comp

Sustain Comp

Red Comp

Bass Comp

Optical Comp


Clone Drive

Tube Drive

Over Drive

Fuzz Face

Black Op

Bass Muff

Guitar Muff


SAB Driver







Cloner Chorus

Classic Vibe

Tremolo Square

Guitar EQ

Bass EQ

Digital Delay

Echo Filt

Vintage Delay


Multi Head

Echo Tape

Room Studio A


Hall Natural

Plate Short

Hall Ambient

Plate Rich

Hall Medium

Plate Long

Room Studio B

Mic Comp

Vocal Brilliant Reverb

Vocal Chorus

Vocal Drive

Vocal Echo

Vocal Mellow Reverb

Bass Preamp

Anti Feedback

Easily customize
our favorite effects.

  • Double tap on the effect you want to swap out.
  • Experiment with the Noise Gate to manipulate the sustain of your guitar. Turn it off if you would like your notes and chords to ring out naturally, and turn it on to eliminate excess feedback and noise. Want to learn more? Check out this video.
  • Can’t find the EQ pedals? The Guitar and Bass EQs can be found at the bottom of the MOD/EQ effect slot in the signal chain.


Find your
dream tone.

The Spark app features
signal chain customization.

Choose your favorite amp and pair with your favorite effects to experiment with different sounds.

Just like a real pedal.

Turn an effect on/off by tapping the switch.

  • You can also toggle an effect by swiping up and down on it.

Choose from 50,000+ 
custom presets.


Become part of ToneCloud – a community of half a million Spark users around the world who contribute to an ever growing library of custom presets. Download over 50,000 tones, or create and share your own.

  • Try searching for your favorite band, guitarist, or song in ToneCloud. Chances are, someone has already uploaded a preset to match.
  • Want to share your preset with a friend? Tap the share button to get a link or share to social media.
  • Keep up to date with your favorite members’ presets by adding them to your follow list.

Save your presets.

Customize and save your favorite presets to the Spark app or to the preset buttons on your Spark amp for instant access.


Expand how
you play.

Virtual bandmates.

Create and jam with your own virtual band with the Spark app’s Smart Jam feature. Simply select a virtual bandmate and start playing. Smart Jam will generate authentic drum and bass tracks to accompany and adapt to your unique playing style–all in real time.


The newest member of Smart Jam, Jarvis is an AI-powered rock drummer who listens to how you play and provides you with real-time feedback based on your dynamics from simple to more complex grooves.


Dave is a rock drummer who hits hard and loud, adding a driving beat to anything you throw at him, pushing you to keep the energy high.


Dave is a rock drummer who hits hard and loud, adding a driving beat to anything you throw at him, pushing you to keep the energy high.


Charles is a Blues style drummer who plays to help you bring out your most soulful playing. With Charles, you can choose between a straight and shuffle feel, and between an 8-bar or 12-bar blues progression.

any song.

Need a little help learning the chords to a song? Search for any song or backing track in the Music page of the Spark app and the Auto Chords feature will display its chords to you in real-time as you listen and play along.

  • Find the right tone for the song you’re jamming to by tapping the Tones tab to see if any other players have uploaded it to ToneCloud.
  • Import your Apple Music or Spotify playlists directly into the Spark app.


More ins and outs.

Capture video.

Capture and share stunning videos seamlessly with the Spark app’s ingenious video capture feature. Easily record riffs and ideas to share with your friends and family (or the world!) and directly to your favorite social app.

  • Make a mistake? Tap “Retake” to immediately restart your recording, saving time and saving storage.

Backing tracks.

Dive into a diverse collection of backing tracks that we’ve curated by genre to jam along with and elevate your guitar playing by jamming and experimenting with new techniques and riffs.

  • Search for any song and backing track to jam with using the search function at the top right of the Music tab.
  • Curate your own playlist of favorite songs by tapping the Save to Favorites button when playing a song.

Everything else.


Keep your guitar or bass in tune.


Set a BPM and stay in time.

Saved Songs

Save your favorite songs to jam with later.

Voice Command

Open Smart Jam, Quick Jam & Metronome with your voice.

Custom EQ

Personalize the EQ settings to fit your specific playing style and listening preferences.

Channel Mixer

Quickly adjust each separate channel, including master volume and music, on the fly.

(Only available for Spark LIVE)

Add Legendary Expansions.

EXPERIENCE JIMI HENDRIX™ Official Gear Collection

Unleash the fire of Jimi's revolutionary sound with the definitive Authentic Hendrix™ collection, an add-on for the Spark app. Packed with his official amps, pedals, custom presets, and exclusive interactive features, this collection will bring you one step closer to the legend himself.


Stay up to date.

The Spark app is constantly being updated with new features 
and more to inspire you to play more guitar.