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Epica on BIAS Rack – LIVE Performance

Epica on BIAS Rack – LIVE Performance

Watch Positive Grid artists Epica shred through their song "Storm The Sorrow" live with the BIAS Rack! This video contains ONLY live audio, so if you're curious about how the BIAS Rack does metal/hard rock tones in a live setting, check this out!

Having a reliable, tone-packed, versatile rig while touring the world is essential for metal juggernauts Epica, and the BIAS Rack is their weapon of choice. What’s more is that it means they can carry ALL of their tones - spanning many critically acclaimed albums - in one simple unit, in one simple rack case. Whether they're playing to 5,000 fans, rehearsing for an upcoming tour, or writing in the studio at home - the BIAS Ecosystem makes it effortless.

“For this tour, we have everything in ONE rack. It’s neat, clean and everything we need!”

Isaac and Mark were admittedly skeptical about moving to a fully digital rig, but after taking the BIAS Racks for a spin, the choice was clear: These puppies were hittin’ the road.

“I was a little bit skeptical at the beginning I must admit. When I tried it for the first time, I just knew with the first chord that I played…It sounded SO natural and beautiful, I knew right away. I had a smile on my face, and ever since…well, yeah!” - Mark

The BIAS Rack fulfills all of their needs while touring the world - packed with tone, versatility, portability and the ability to tweak any number of parameters at a component level using the BIAS AMP software from their laptops, iPad or iPhone, the possibilities are truly endless.

“This is what you need for a live environment. You need ALL of the options” - Mark

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