5 Reasons Why You Need Spark Control

5 Reasons Why You Need Spark Control

October 03, 2022By Ian Becker 0 Comment

Once you've gotten the swing of how to use your Spark amp, we'd like to introduce you to another handy piece of gear that's ready to give you even more freedom and customization for your all-important jam time.

Meet Spark Control.

Let's cover the quick facts. Spark Control is completely wireless. That means all you need to do is charge it up, connect it to your Spark amp via Bluetooth®, and play away. The battery is designed to keep going for more than 4 months on a single charge (with 1 hour of average daily playtime), giving you longer, more inspired practice sessions. It's ready to use for Spark 40, or Spark MINI.

But that's not all. Read on and discover how Spark Control delivers inspiring, customizable features to keep you playing more.

Spark Control overview with RJ Ronquillo

5 reasons why you need to add Spark Control to your Spark rig:

Change Your Tone on the Fly

So, you've dialed in some killer presets using Spark's library of amps and effects? Perfect. Now you can switch between them in real time using your foot. Change your sound instantly and keep the jam going. It's about as fun as it sounds.

Toggle Effects On or Off

Assign Spark Control's footswitches to effects, and use them to turn the effects on or off. Need to add in some modulation or delay to the chorus section of the song you're playing? Simply make that change with the tap of your foot.

Improve Your Practice Routine

Not only can you switch between presets and toggle effects with Spark Control, you can also play, pause and rewind backing tracks and Smart Jam sequences. This means you can focus in on the section you want to learn while staying in the moment.

Customize Your Play

Spark Control comes with four officially pre-programmed customizable scenarios that assign a combination of popular functions to each footswitch. Plus, you can save your favorite functions to four more of your own scenarios for easy access whenever you want to play.

Experience Jimi Hendrix™ Even Deeper

Use the exclusive Creative Control feature to control the J.H. Legendary Wah pedal included in our Experience Jimi Hendrix™ for Spark pack. Use a toe up/down movement to control it like a traditional wah pedal and channel your inner Hendrix™.

We hope this gives you some insight into how Spark Control can elevate your Spark experience. Don't forget, we're always improving the product. That means you can expect even more innovative features and functions coming down the road. And you can play with confidence knowing that Spark Control is future-proof—it will always work instantly with any future Spark firmware of app updates.

So get to playing and pick up yours here.

Watch Gabriel Cyr demo Spark Control

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