Spark LIVE Gets Put to the Test

Spark LIVE Gets Put to the Test

April 12, 2024By Joshua Fernandez 0 Comment

One band. One amp. Wait, that doesn’t sound right, does it? Gone are the days of needing multiple amps and a PA system for practice (or even for gigs!). Enter Positive Grid’s latest addition to their award-winning line of Spark practice guitar amps: Spark LIVE.

That’s right, we put Spark LIVE to the ultimate test – plugging in guitar, vocals, and bass, all at the same time, to see how it would hold up against a live drummer. The results? Well take a look for yourself in case you missed the last live stream.

Adam Cunningham and Ryan Fowler put Spark LIVE to the ultimate test and it passed with flying colors. Did you also catch Spark LINK in action? In addition to the release of Spark LIVE, Positive Grid also entered the wireless guitar system game with Spark LINK – an incredibly affordable wireless guitar system that features up to 70 feet of stable connection and while keeping your tone clean and pristine. It’s also incredibly easy to set up (in fact, it’s almost too easy).

Spark LIVE is available now for purchase at the official Positive Grid store. Plug in now and forever change the way you play live music.

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