Paul Gilbert Custom Spark Presets Unveiled

Paul Gilbert Custom Spark Presets Unveiled

September 05, 2023By Joshua Fernandez 0 Comment

Positive Grid's latest collaboration with Paul Gilbert has brought us a gem in the form of a custom Spark MINI, personally crafted and autographed by the guitar virtuoso himself. If you missed out on this exclusive piece, don't fret, because you can still tap into the brilliance of his iconic sound. That's right, brace yourself to ignite your music with five exclusive custom presets, all meticulously curated by Paul Gilbert. Best of all, these presets are yours for the taking, available as free downloads on ToneCloud within the Spark app, accessible to all users of Spark series guitar amplifiers. Let's pass the mic to Paul as he walks you through each of these presets:

PG Mississippi King

Paul's PG Mississippi King preset offers a harmonious blend of punch and melody. It's characterized by a captivating punch in high notes and an equally engaging quality in low notes. Paul even shares his favorite lick for this tone.

PG Blues 4 Rabbit

PG Blues 4 Rabbit strikes a harmonious balance between attack and distortion. This makes it an ideal choice for crafting expressive pauses between musical phrases. Paul generously imparts his favorite riff for this tone, along with essential blues techniques that every guitarist can learn something from.

PG Superheroes

Fans of Racer X rejoice, Paul curated this tone for fans of the song “Superheroes”. This tone showcases the chunky low end that defined the hit song. Paul effortlessly recreates the iconic lick that shaped the song's identity.

PG Mr. Big Clean

Paul demonstrates that the Spark MINI isn't limited to distortion and overdrive alone; it excels in clean tones as well. He skillfully plays the signature lick from Mr. Big's "Just Take My Heart," introducing a touch of uniqueness by tuning his low E to an F.

PG Hero Jam 1969

Transport yourself to the true rock 'n' roll era of 1969 with the PG Hero Jam 1969 preset. Inspired by the legendary Jimmy Page, this is one of the tones that played an important role in Paul’s journey as a guitarist.

Watching these videos, one thing's for sure: music isn't just about nailing the notes and tones; it's about feeling it deep inside. Seriously, give those videos another spin and notice how each lick and tone connects with Paul's expressions – it's like the music's written all over his face!

But enough talk – if you're rocking a Spark amp (the OG Spark, Spark MINI, or Spark GO), you can snag these presets right now. If you haven't joined the Spark party yet, well, you might want to see what you’re missing out on.

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